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ordovician ancestors

*The chemical chlorotoxin found in scorpion venom can distinguish cancer from healthy tissue.

*British scientists have recently discovered a fossilized sea scorpion claw that leads them to believe the scorpion was at one time 8 feet long.

*Today's scorpions range in size from 2 to 8 inches.

*From the Ordovician Period, sea scorpions were thought to be the first sea creatures to crawl onto land. They gathered to mate along the shorelines.

*Scorpion mothers carry their babies on their backs for their 1st two weeks.

*Scientists are unable to determine what substance in the scorpion's 'hyaline cuticle' makes them turn fluorescent under ultra-violet light.

*Scorpions are often canibalistic & therefore loners. During mating, the male must proceed with caution when approaching the female, lest he be mistaken for food. Customarily the male will take the female's pincers into his own & 'dance her around' in what is called 'promenade à deux,' searching for a suitable place to deposit spermatophore over which he guides the female. If he takes too long the female can become incensed & consume her mate.
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